About FLOW Jewelry

about Flow

Flow was founded in July 2008 by Valaipan Chupan-Sivaram, jewelry designer from Thailand. Valaipan studied design and jewelry making at the decorative arts faculty of Silpakorn University in Bangkok. Following her graduation from university, Valaipan gained experience learning original Thai jewelry craft through to contemporary jewelry making at House of Goldsmiths Co.Ltd. In 2007 Valaipan went on to win the Designer of the Year awards, and also Talent Thai awards in 2008, followed by the Design Excellence awards in 2009. Flows jewelry has a variety of looks from chic elegant to smart daily use jewelry. We are pleased to present a new way of approaching jewelry design to suit the wearer’s lifestyle together with our jewelry.

Flows meaning and concept refers to timeless designs with a lively character which can be worn for any occasion. Using natural elements we develop simple yet elegant curves to create new forms in contemporary jewelry of today.